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Learn how to write better in any business context.

Writing Skills Courses

You probably do a lot of your business communication in writing. Occasionally you might use a copywriter or a proofreader, but you can’t do that with everything. So it’s very important to learn how to write well, and know how to get your point across effectively.

Hone your writing skills in 1, 2 or 3 days and become a better writer now.

Day 1: Basics

Learn what goes into a piece of good writing. Get readers’ attention from the very first line – and keep them reading. Find out how to structure your text in a way that is logical and holds your message together. Check your knowledge of punctuation, and review grammar, the order of words that gives them meaning.

Day 2: Everyday

Discover how good email not only sends information, but also supports the relationships between you and your business associates. Help your customers understand you and get more sales with well-written presentation slides. Learn how to mix politeness, brevity and clarity for the most effective messages.

Day 3: Advanced

Become more adept at writing copy about your company’s products and services. Produce better press releases that get people more interested in your business. Engage more successfully on social media and develop a reputation as a thought leader – a recognized authority in your field.

Remember this:

Good writing skills require lots of practice over a long period. The fastest way to improve is knowing what works and what doesn’t. Most people who have not been taught how to write make the same mistakes, so training is very effective when you get personal feedback and you learn how to avoid those mistakes.

Even if you’re an experienced writer, start with the basics and work your way up. Separate modules that build on each other give you the time to learn, correct habitual errors, and develop the skills you need.


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