I’m James Perkins, the manager and owner of Koala Consulting and Training. I’m from Brisbane, Australia, but these days I live in North Karelia, Finland. I have dual Australian-Finnish citizenship. It’s great to be a member of two of the best countries in the world!

What I know

I have a Master’s degree in Organisational Psychology from the University of Queensland, a CELTA from Cambridge University, a certificate in proofreading and another in copywriting.

Over the years, I’ve worked as a university lecturer, research assistant, hospital trainer, technical writer, HR consultant, and training coordinator. In every one of these jobs, I noticed that communication was often poor. Presentations were dull, emails were badly written, misunderstandings were common.

As a result, there was confusion and sometimes anger. Work was not efficient. Colleagues lost trust in each other. Valuable employees resigned. Customers walked out the door, often without even talking to anybody. Sales were lost – sometimes big sales.

All of it could have been avoided, if only they knew how to communicate better.

What I do

I want to fix these common problems, so now I provide business consulting services that improve communication.

Clients ask me to help them make lively and interesting presentations, teach them how to write with skill and flair, and give them an insight into the differences between themselves and others. They ask me to write and proofread copy to help them produce web pages, brochures, slides, speeches and blogs – all the text they need to get their own customers wanting to know more about them.

Sometimes they request a voice-over, and recently, there have been enquiries about short films. So, I’ve decided to offer those services as well.

I’ve been working through Koala Consulting and Training for over 20 years and I love it! I hope you love what I can do for you, too.