Privacy Policy

Description of data processing activity

Koala Consulting and Training (KCAT) collects minimal personal information about its website visitors and customers in order to provide visitors with a better site experience, make contact with customers more efficient, and improve customer relationships.

The KCAT website recognizes what kind of computer device you are using and optimizes the site for viewing on that device. The host server of the KCAT site records your IP address and the pages you look at when you visit the site. This data is used for site usage statistics, to track visiting habits and to maintain site security. This is “visitor data”.

KCAT collects publicly-available contact information about customers from their own company websites, LinkedIn pages, and data they provide to KCAT directly. This task is not automated, but done manually, on a case-by-case basis. The contact information is stored in a local KCAT email client and backed up on a spreadsheet. This is “customer data”.

Tracking and cookies

The KCAT website has none of its own cookies. KCAT does not track you across the Internet for advertising or any other purpose. Unless you voluntarily provide your name and email address through the form on the Contact page, KCAT does not collect customer data through its website.

There are, however, third-party cookies from Vimeo and YouTube (embedded video on several pages) and Google (on the Contact page, providing the “I am not a robot” confirmation). There are also links to external services through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest share buttons, and you can connect with the KCAT page on Facebook and LinkedIn through contact buttons.

KCAT is not responsible for any links installed to your computer through these external service providers. The privacy policies of those sites or services should be consulted for more information.

Email marketing

KCAT sends information about current KCAT news, events, and services by email to customers who have voluntarily provided their email address or indicated a wish to receive such email. You can stop this email at any time by replying to the email and asking to be removed from distribution.

Email addresses collected from company websites and LinkedIn do not receive this information unless the recipient has specifically asked to receive it.

Disclosure of information

Visitor data collected by the KCAT site is sometimes shared with Oxter Avoin yhtiö, the company hosting the site, to help maintain the site properly. It is also given to Finnish authorities that require it. As there is only web browsing information in visitor data, and no names or other identification, visitors are not contacted beforehand.

Customer data is only shared with third parties after customer permission is obtained in writing, via formal contract or email. Even if the Finnish authorities request customer data, KCAT will always inform its customers before forwarding data to fulfil such legal requirements.

KCAT does not sell visitor or customer data to anybody.

Principles of data protection

All visitor and customer data is protected. Physical access to this data is blocked by physical locks, device passwords, firewalls, and other technical solutions as necessary.

Only the KCAT Data Protection Officer can access the stored data directly, and Oxter only accesses the data under the direction of KCAT. Both Oxter and any other contracted third-party users of visitor or customer data are bound by confidentiality requirements. All stored data is backed up safely.

Retention period

KCAT keeps all visitor and customer data indefinitely for site statistics and record-keeping, even after a professional relationship with the customer has ended. However, it will be deleted if the customer or the Finnish authorities request that it should be deleted.

Right to check and modify data held by KCAT

If you have had your visitor or customer data recorded by KCAT, you have the right to inspect, correct and delete your data, or refuse that KCAT process your data. The request must be made in writing to the Data Protection Officer. KCAT will contact you directly to discuss it further.

Legal guidelines

KCAT follows the data rules and regulations of Finland and the European Union. If you have issue with the way that KCAT has been handling your data, you should contact KCAT directly to discuss and resolve it. If no agreement can be reached, you may contact the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman.

The KCAT Data Protection Officer is the manager and owner of KCAT. Contact information is on every page of this website.