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The basic concept is helping people to communicate more effectively.

About the Company

What we do

We help you to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your spoken and written communications.

Why speaking?

Every talented business person is a skilled speaker. Talking is what finds you new customers, and keeps the old ones coming back. A good motivating speech can encourage your employees to work harder, and stick around. Investors and shareholders will respond positively to an interesting presentation.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a natural at this. People can be good at their work, but when they need to stand in front of a group, or they have a new leadership role, or their team isn't getting along, or they are working within a new culture, they might need a little help.

Like any other skill, speaking skills can be taught, and they can be measured. And so Koala Consulting and Training is here to help you.

Why writing?

In our electronic age, writing is an important form of communication. Every business needs its web page. Many people have a blog. A lot of business today is conducted via email. Presentations often include slides with text. Some clients prefer to read paper brochures.

The simple fact is, you need quality writing to get your message across to your customers. You've probably seen plenty of badly-written web pages, presentation slides, and other documents. You will stand out from the competition if your writing is better.

But good writing is not easy. Even when you're a native speaker, it takes time and effort.

When you hire Koala Consulting and Training to write or check the text you use, we deal with the language issues. Then you can concentrate on running your business.

Why koalas?

The name and logo represent the Australian connection of the owner.

The official logo uses only lower-case letters, but in normal text, the name of the business follows the rules of correct English punctuation. Hence: Koala Consulting and Training.

Koalas are not particularly renowned for their excellent communication skills. But they are very relaxed creatures, a trait we should probably all practise more when interacting with others.