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Learn how to present well on any occasion.

Presentation Skills Courses

One of the most important business skills is the ability to speak well in front of an audience. We all know what good speakers are like: they capture your attention, maintain your interest throughout, and you remember what they said long after they left the stage.

You look at these speakers and think: I wish I could do that.
Guess what? You can!

But it takes time to develop such skills. How can I find the time?
That's easy - attend a modular presentation skills programme.

Module 1: Two-hour Quick Refresher

In only two hours, we can make a difference to your presentation. You can improve enough that people will notice in a surprisingly short time. You also learn how to use your body language for better effect.

Choose the Quick Refresher if you haven't presented for a while, and your presentation skills are rusty. This is also ideal for very busy people.

Module 2: Half-day Confidence Boost

In four hours, we can do twice as much. You do everything in the Quick Refresher, and you also learn about presentation structure and answering questions. If you're a nervous speaker, you'll find out how to reduce and manage your stage fright.

Choose the Confidence Boost when you have a little more time to spend. It's ideal if you have an important presentation coming up, and you'd like to practise and get feedback.

Module 3: One-day Skill Upgrade

In one day, we can do even more. You do everything in the Confidence Boost, and you also learn how to use slides and other visual aids properly. We analyse a video of your presentation.

Choose the Skill Upgrade if you want to see what you look like to those watching your presentation. There's no better motivator than watching a video of yourself!

Module 4: Two-day Boot Camp

In two days, we can get quite a lot done. You do everything in the Skill Upgrade, and we record a second video for comparison. Here you also learn about using your voice more effectively, and cultural issues in presentations.

Choose the Boot Camp when you want to really work hard on your presentation skills. You'll see just how much you've improved.

Remember this:

Good speaking skills require lots of practice and some smart techniques. Even so, you'd be amazed how much you can achieve in only a short time. With the modular design, you can choose which specific skills you want to develop, within the schedule and budget that suit you best.

For more personal attention, you might like to work on your presentation skills one-on-one, or maybe you would prefer to be in a group with your colleagues, where you can swap ideas and see how they like to present.

If you're not sure whether you want to commit yourself to a longer programme, you can also look at our two-hour session as a sampler. It helps you to get to know the trainer and Koala training methods for very little cost and time commitment - but you could get a lot out of it.


If you are interested in improving your presentation skills, please contact us.