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We can write new English text for you, or edit your existing English text.

Writing Services

Good command of language is essential in business. In this age of globalisation, doing business internationally in a language other than your native tongue is the norm. Usually, that language will be English. In written business communication, even small mistakes can undermine your professional image.

Koala offers you two writing services to help you communicate more effectively with your international customers: copywriting, or the writing of brand new text to describe your products and services, and proofreading, or the checking and correcting of text you already have. Copywriting

Good copywriting makes your product or service attractive to your potential customers. Creating good text is not easy. It requires a lot of thought: all unnecessary details must be cut away to concentrate on the essential. Clear explanations using the correct terminology and idioms of your business will give you authority and professionalism, and draw customers to you.

Ask Koala to write:

  • Web pages. Often your first contact with a potential customer, and therefore all-important, they should be as clear and powerful as possible in order to raise interest in your business.
  • Brochures. Sales brochures printed on paper are still very much needed. They need to sell your products and services effectively, making them stand out from the competition.
  • Presentation slides. Whether you are presenting your organisation and products to a potential customer, or explaining your latest project to your international team, clear and correct language in your presentations will ensure you get your points across.
  • Speeches. Not everybody knows what to say at a sales or conference presentation, or in an address to investors. A native speaker's insight can give you the confidence you need when facing any audience.
  • Correspondence. On screen or on paper, it is always important in business to sound like you know what you are talking about, and to follow the accepted conventions of business correspondence. Koala can help you here, too - by developing English letter templates for international business, for example.

If you have translated from your own language into English, a native speaker can give your documents a nice professional polish, to improve their fluency and readability that little bit more. Every little edge counts when you make contact with a potential customer.

Many of our clients request feedback on their writing, in order to improve their writing skills. It's a popular add-on service, although it costs slightly more.

We can proofread and edit any text in English that you would like to give us.

If you are interested in our writing services, please contact us.