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Full video and audio service in a soft native Australian accent.

Have a listen here.

Video, voice-overs and podcasts

Today, most businesses are looking for customers around the world. It’s hard to get attention in a crowded international marketplace. To stand out, you have to do something different.

One way to promote your product or service is a short video. If you are in an industry that doesn’t often use videos, you will get noticed immediately.

Full video package

In cooperation with our partner Jaskari Worldwide, we can produce your video in its entirety – all scripting, filming, narration, editing, and distribution online. We do it all!

Let us take care of your promotional video while you keep busy doing what you do best: serving your customers.

Here's a sample video about a solar-powered bus called Tindo.

Video narration

If you already have a video, you probably need a voice for it. Choosing a voice is not easy: you need somebody easy to understand, with clear, natural pronunciation. The voice should sound trustworthy and knowledgeable.

We can provide a native-English voice for your video. Let us write the script or we can use yours – it’s up to you.


A podcast is like a recorded radio program that you can listen to at any time on the Internet. You can stream or download podcasts to your computer and mobile devices.

Because it only uses audio, it's easier and cheaper to produce than video. You can use the more personal medium of voice to regularly connect with your customers in their language.

It’s also ideal if you are on a tight budget. A podcast can be scripted, recorded and edited quickly, saving you time and money.

What the voices are like

By default, we offer a soft, native Australian accent. This is not common in international business. You will really stand out! Hear this accent in the sample video.

We can also provide other accents, including British regional (RP, Estuary, Scottish, Welsh), South African, and North American.

If you are interested in videos, voice-overs or podcasts, please contact us.