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This is a list of some of the organisations for whom Koala Consulting and Training has successfully completed consulting projects.

Some Clients

Client Feedback

Comments from satisfied customers.

We asked James to train our whole staff in presentation skills. Because of time constraints, we ended up with only one day of training, even though two days would have been well worth it. The training sessions were relaxed and yet focused, and a lot of good tips were given. Even though video recording felt unnecessary at first, it was crucial for the learning exercise. We felt that James has a humble but professional way of teaching, and you could see that he is a very experienced trainer. After the training session, several staff members said that they have used the techniques they learned in their presentations and they felt much more confident when presenting. We can strongly recommend the presentation skills training that Koala offers. It’s worth every minute and every euro spent.

- Maria Talari, Administration and Communications Officer, NDF

For a non-native English speaker like me, it has been an absolute lifesaver to work with a proofreader as professional and efficient as James Perkins. What sets James apart is his dedication to deliver the best possible end result. His understanding of the conventions and nuances of the English language is unparalleled, and his revisions and suggestions have always been spot-on. He has really taken my work to the next level, and I feel very good about sending it out to be read by people all over the world.

- Annika Bourgogne, author of Be Bilingual: Practical Ideas for Multilingual Families

We had a lot of laughs at James' English course. Learning has seldom been so much fun and at the same time so clarifying. Learning with colleagues was a real experience.

- Eeva Hietanen, Communications & Cruise Development Manager, Port of Helsinki

Koala Consulting and Training checked the English language of two reports created by Fintra during 2009-2010: "Competence Assessment of Finnish Companies in Russia" and "Customer Relationship Management in Russia". We are very satisfied with the professional skills of Koala as well as our cooperation with James Perkins.

- Tuija Eloranta, Business Development Manager, Russia, Fintra

I have practised my oral expression skills with James Perkins about once a week for nearly a year. One-to-one sparring is an effective way to develop language skills. The times and topics of our meetings can be customized to fit my circumstances or needs. In addition to being cost-efficient, lessons with James are so much fun - I am too excited to feel self-critical!

- Markku Pyykkölä, Executive Director, Suomen Toivo -ajatuspaja

I work as a translator and have regularly used James Perkins for checking the language of my English translations. His work has always been thorough and completed on time. Besides having thus been able to offer the best quality translations for my customers, I myself have also learned a lot in the process due to his communicative approach.

- Pauliina Heine, freelance translator

James Perkins has co-operated with Language Link as a sub-contractor for some years. Our clients have been very happy with his teaching methodology and with his ability to handle group dynamics. We have found James to be reliable and self-motivated.

- Lennart and Lyn Gunell, Language Link, a Lynlink Ltd Oy Company

James Perkins succesfully sharpened the language skills of our journalists. He equipped them with resolve and self-confidence to interview and even challenge the industry leaders in English.

- Antti Oksanen, Editor-in-Chief, Tietoviikko

I have regularly hired James to prepare me for speaking events in front of large audiences and internal communication events. These speaking opportunities require a thorough review of the presentation material and dry runs to effectively deliver the company message.

James' experience and coaching skills are an invaluable input into helping top management to achieve its desired results.

- Will Cardwell, CEO, Valimo