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Communication Skills Training

Using interactive, hands-on learning techniques, we carefully tailor every training course specifically for your organisation. Because we draw on real-life situations from their own experience, your people can take their learning back to work and use it immediately.

Our training is usually in English, but if you would like it in Finnish, we can do that, too.

Presentation Skills

Everyone should be able to present well. Whether you are selling to customers, talking to your employees, or speaking at a conference, a good presentation will inspire your audience to listen and take action. In this course, you learn how to maximise your confidence in front of a group, keep your audience attentive, and make sure they remember you and your message.

Our presentation skills programme has a modular design, so you can choose the kind of course you want to develop the skills you need the most.

Writing Skills

You know how important it is to communicate clearly in writing with your customers, suppliers, and colleagues. This course shows you how to structure your text, revises punctuation and grammar, explains how email, slides and copy need very different styles, and gives you lots of practice and personal feedback to aid your learning.

Training focus will quickly improve the quality and effectiveness of your writing. Choose topics from our current modules or ask us to design a unique programme just for you.

Cultural Skills

If you want to be successful on international assignment, you need to understand what it’s like to move abroad and the adjustments you will have to make. You will benefit greatly from an advance knowledge of your host culture and how they do things. This course will help reduce misunderstandings and fast-track your effectiveness.

Find out how to adapt quickly to any new environment and get the most essential information about the new culture in which you will be living.

Leadership Skills

A good leader is a good communicator. Learn how to communicate more effectively in the leadership role. Find better ways to explain, motivate, and influence others. Develop your everyday abilities as well as your skills in difficult situations, such as major organisational changes and tough negotiations.

In partnership with Absolute-North, we offer a range of practical leadership courses to help you lead your project group, your department or your company more successfully.


If you are interested in any of these training courses, please contact us.