Birthday time again!

It’s our sixteenth birthday! I would like to extend a big, warm THANK YOU to all of my customers, business partners, mentors and friends who have helped me with Koala Consulting and Training from the start way back in April 2004 until the present day. 

This year has proved challenging for everybody. In January, 2020 was looking really good, and then the coronavirus hit us. Everything changed within a matter of weeks.

Working from home has not been a problem for me. Although my face-to-face training has been mostly paused except for a few video chats, I’ve able to continue with writing and editing, and I know I’m very lucky to have this option. It hasn’t been the same for everyone.

I’ve also continued doing pro bono work. Last year, I helped with the PDP programme at Aalto University. This year, I’ve been guiding newcomers to Finland and foreign-born people newly unemployed due to the coronavirus on how to write a good CV and LinkedIn profile and look for a job. I’ve looked for a job here myself, and I spent a number of years in recruitment, so I have both the practical experience and an insider’s knowledge of what is required.

During May, we expect that coronavirus restrictions will be slowly lifted, but we can’t really have a party for this birthday as social distancing is still required. However, I would once again like to thank everyone who has worked with me throughout the last 16 years. Without you, none of this would be possible. I invite you to have a beer in quarantine to celebrate!

Stay well and stay safe and I look forward to seeing you again soon.