Summer is for website renewal

It’s summertime in Finland, and to celebrate, Koala Consulting and Training has a brand new website.

Whether you’re new here, you’ve only worked with me once or twice, or you’re a long-term customer, it’s nice to have you visit. Welcome!

Now you’ve found your way to the blog.

Here you will find inside information from experienced people – both me and guest bloggers – on how to make your presentations, writing, and videos better. There will be tales of my own communication successes – and the occasional failure, because we learn a lot when things don’t work. Get to know my thoughts on how people communicate over the Internet and in the news media, and how effective (or ineffective!) that may be. Hear about the places I go, the business events I attend, the presentations I see, and the ones I make myself! And of course, there will be announcements about where you can see me presenting, new business, and upcoming publications that might interest you.

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