Cultural Skills

Ensure your success

Human culture can be roughly defined as “how we do things around here”. So, cultures are different all over the world. We grow up in a particular culture, but we don’t really notice it when we’re immersed in it from birth. However, if you want to achieve on international assignment, you need to understand how culture affects how you think and what you do.

First-hand knowledge

What’s it like to move abroad and what adjustments do you have to make? I know exactly what it’s like, because I’ve done it myself – I’m not living in my birth culture. Unfortunately, I had no training before I moved to Finland, and I learned the hard way, by making mistakes.

But that’s a slow way to learn. On most international assignments, you have to get things done quickly. You will reduce misunderstandings and fast-track your success with advance knowledge of the effects of moving and how your new host culture does things.

Culture Down Under

If you’re going on foreign placement to Australia, come and have a chat. I’m a native-born Australian, ready to tell you what life is like in Australia, both at home and at the office. Modern Australian culture is a heady mix of indigenous, British, and other traditions that might come as a surprise to you. It’s best to be prepared to be effective.