Full video package

We do it all

Teaming up with Jaskari Worldwide (JW), we can produce a promotional video for your business in its entirety. I write the script and narrate it, while JW does the filming, editing, and distribution.

Let us take care of it all while you do what you do best: serving your customers.

What’s my voice like?

By default, I use my soft native Australian accent. It’s clearly Australian, but doesn’t have the idiosyncratic nasal Aussie “twang” that can make Australians hard to understand. This is not common in international business. People will remember your video! For more specific markets, I can do a range of accents, including regional British accents and North American. You can hear my voice in the sample videos below and book extracts here.


To give you an idea of what your video might be like, here’s a sample video that JW and I made together. I wrote the script and narrated it. Koala Consulting and Training is the company you are reading about now. There is another sample film here.