Rank higher: SEO copywriting

You might have heard of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). If your website has been written according to SEO principles, a link to it will appear higher in search results, so your potential clients can find you more easily.

Most people don’t know how search engines work. The majority of web pages receive little traffic because the most popular search engines don’t prioritise them. Many think searches are all about keywords, and some even believe that SEO means stuffing as many keywords as possible into their website copy. But modern, sophisticated search engines are smarter than that. While keywords are important, searches can now return results based on context, popularity and user intent – in other words, relevance.

Relevant, high-quality content that people frequently access gets rewarded with a better search ranking, and the highest rankings get the most page visitors, every one of whom is a sales lead and a potential client. The words you use to make this happen really matter.

SEO copywriting is the art and science of creating engaging content that will be found.

I now offer SEO copywriting as part of my writing services. Contact me to discuss your next web project.