Sinkkonen Consulting

Australia like it is

Reeta Sinkkonen is the owner and founder of Sinkkonen Consulting, a company specialised in coaching people in cultural competence, such as working in a multicultural environment with international teams, going on international assignment, and on guiding experts coming to Finland on local human resources and business matters.

She deals with different cultures daily, has lived and worked abroad, and even wrote her thesis on expatriate issues, as well as the book Onnistu ulkomaankomennuksissa (Succeed on International Assignments), published by WSOY in 2009.

The situation

Some of the Sinkkonen customers wanted to send employees to Australia, and Reeta needed an expert on Australian life and culture to provide pre-travel training before they moved away. There are not many Australia experts in Finland.

The challenge

A mutual friend introduced me to Reeta, and she soon gave me my first assignment. Since then, I have been the resident authority on Australia for Sinkkonen Consulting. Reeta contacts me whenever her customers ask her for information about the land “Down Under”.


“I can highly recommend James as a professional Australia trainer. It is my responsibility to find the best trainer for my clients and James is definitely one of them. I´m proud to work with him.” – Reeta Sinkkonen

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