Beautiful pictures, beautiful words

Anna Nordling runs Annaway, a graphic design and marketing company based in Kauniainen, near Helsinki.

Through her company, Anna provides illustrations and plans campaign strategies to help companies sell their products and services. Working alone, she can be flexible for her clients. She also realises that she doesn’t know everything, and is always willing to work with other experts in her projects.

The situation

Anna had a client in the shipbuilding industry who was developing a new website as a point-of-contact brochure for their engineering services. She had done work on the visual appearance of the site, but it still needed English text because her clients wanted to extend their business in new partnerships with shipbuilding companies outside of Finland.

The challenge

Anna asked me to edit the existing text on the site and make some new additions. Although I started the project with only a limited understanding of shipbuilding based on my knowledge of assembly cranes, my long experience writing for engineering companies helped me to quickly produce fresh, descriptive and accurate copy for her client right on schedule.

The outcome

“James did an excellent job and the client was very pleased. I would not hesitate to use him again.” – Anna Nordling

You can visit Annaway here.