Terrific translations

Laura Syrjälä runs Topiikki, a communications agency based in Nummela, a small town in southern Finland.

Her company provides a range of services to Finnish businesses, including digital marketing, content production, social media and PR, visual communications, branding, and promotions.

The situation

Topiikki also offers translation as part of its writing services. Laura’s small team provides a number of Finnish companies that do international marketing with English translations of their sales messages. The translations are good, but Laura understood that they needed a professional, native-level polish to really sell products in a foreign marketplace.

The challenge

Laura got in touch with me because she had a growing customer demand for English marketing text. Rather than use several proofreaders, she wanted to create a solid business relationship with one person. Since then, I have been her English language consultant, mostly proofreading and editing English text, but even doing the occasional translation from Finnish.

The outcome

“Cooperation with Koala Consulting and James Perkins is absolutely great. The translations and copy edits are not just excellent, but they come with precise explanations and comments. For my business, Koala Consulting is a valuable partner that I have been recommending to others as well.” – Laura Syrjälä

You can visit Topiikki here.