The centre of home technology

Cozify is a wireless smart home hub that connects smart devices from different manufacturers into one seamless control centre. You can control all of your devices from one mobile app.

The app allows you to do things like automate lighting, heating, and kitchen appliances. It also facilitates security, turning lights on and off when you’re out, sending remote alerts for smoke, water leaks, and motion detectors, and includes a function for video camera monitoring.

The situation

Tony Risikko, in charge of Cozify marketing, understood that, even when it’s simple, technology can be intimidating for some new users. So he got a short film made to show how easy Cozify is to set up. But to sell outside of Finland, he needed somebody to check the English in the script and a native English voice to narrate the video.

The challenge

Tony contacted me through a mutual friend. He asked me to proofread and amend the script as necessary. I came to the Cozify office to see the device and its supporting app for myself, and then lend my voice to the short video that demonstrates how to set it up.

The outcome

“Working with James was easy and fast. His approach was very professional, and his suggestions regarding the script were very useful. I fully recommend his services!” – Tony Risikko

You can visit Cozify here.