Rank higher: SEO copywriting

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) puts your website closer to the top of web search results when clients are looking for your services. It’s a new service from Koala Consulting and Training.

Improve new language skills quickly

Many find it hard to learn a new language, but it’s possible to develop fluency fast. Here are some tips that have helped many people.

Do your customers want your product?

Nobody buys what they don’t want. If you’re sure you have a good product, you have to convince people it’s worth their time and money.

Are you too different?

In a mostly homogenous society, novelty and difference can be challenging. So, make it feel familiar to help people understand.

I’m now based in Joensuu

In September, I moved from Helsinki in the south to Joensuu in eastern Finland, but otherwise nothing has changed.

Dear Ms Smith

Starting your email well is not trivial. Regular communications done right build good relationships.