Improving conference presentations

Founded in 2008, Altom is a Romanian software testing company based in Cluj-Napoca, with a branch office in Helsinki. While their core business is testing, they also train both students and experienced software professionals in the latest testing methodologies.

The situation

I had met Oana Casapu, one of Altom’s founding partners, in Helsinki through some networking events. As the company grew and became more successful, she and her colleagues were more and more often presenting to prospective clients, going to conferences, and expanding their training business.

The challenge

Oana approached me with a request to train Alex, one of her colleagues, in presentation skills, as he was relatively inexperienced in public speaking at the time, and wanted to practise the presentation he would be giving at a big upcoming software conference in the United States.

He also wanted some tips on presentation skills in general. He was going to be speaking before big audiences a lot more in the future, and wanted to upgrade his abilities and improve his confidence.


“The session we had on my last day in Helsinki helped me a lot. And you also boosted up my morale, which was really important for me!” – Alexandru Rotaru, Founding Partner, Altom

You can visit Altom here.