Finnish Reading Centre

Targeting 100% literacy

The Finnish Reading Centre is a charity organization based in Helsinki whose mission is to promote literacy around Finland, especially in children and young people.

The Centre provides a range of expert services to schools, libraries, the general public, media, and policy makers, including the distribution of information about the benefits of reading and arranging author visits.

The situation

Ilmi Villacis, the director of the Centre, understood that many new immigrant families in Finland do not speak either Finnish or Swedish (Finland’s two official languages) at home. To reach more people effectively, the Centre needed web pages, brochures, and other documentation in English. They also had occasional international visitors that wanted to know about the Centre and its work.

The challenge

Ilmi asked me to check the text for the English-language pages of the Centre and for the English version of a brochure for a campaign to encourage parents to read to their children. She also wanted me to coach members of staff in presentations, discussion and debate with an English-speaking audience.

The outcome

“James did good work. His editing was precise and accurate, and his coaching was fun as well as educational. We’ll definitely use him again!” – Ilmi Villacis

You can visit the Finnish Reading Centre here.