Zenner Engineers

Looking towards the future

Laila Zenner runs the engineering design office that her father started in the 1970s. With a growing number of staff, now more than 10, the company works on projects in both new construction and renovation.

Zenner Engineers specialize in HVAC, acoustics, and pipe design. They have their own laboratory, where they analyse field measurements and run controlled tests. They also use the lab to assist in product development for equipment manufacturers.

The Situation

The company sometimes does business with foreign customers, so they need to use English. To help these customers, Laila wanted to offer more English-language services. The employees who were most skilled in English did translations themselves, but they wanted an English-speaking professional to check it.

The challenge

Laila asked me to proofread and edit the English versions of her company’s website text and various report templates. Because I have done a lot of language work in engineering, many of the terms were already familiar to me. This meant that I was able to complete the project ahead of schedule.

The outcome

“It’s been easy to work with James. Everything was agreed on in writing in advance. James has always delivered on schedule and I’ve been very pleased with the quality of his work. He has a really good understanding of technical jargon. I can warmly recommend him to anybody who needs similar work done.” – Laila Zenner

You can visit Zenner Engineers here.