Improve new language skills quickly

Many find it hard to learn a new language, but it’s possible to develop fluency fast. Here are some tips that have helped many people.

Perfect Pronunciation

Learners worry too much about pronouncing perfectly, but perfection is never the goal of communication. Understanding is what you need.

Avoid bad language teachers

Some incompetent trainers have been advertising poor-quality teaching on social media. Here’s how to identify and avoid them.

Learn to spell

Good spelling makes you look professional and generates a respect that rubs off on other aspects of your business, too.

Get active…or passive

Active voice is more engaging because it’s more easily expressed and sounds more immediate. But passive has its uses, too.

Be Bilingual

Editing a book to instruct and encourage parents in their challenging task of bringing up bilingual children.


Editing and proofreading sales catalogues and product manuals for measuring devices in the automotive industry.

Zenner Engineers

Editing and proofreading web pages and technical report templates for engineering and construction.

Finnish Reading Centre

Text editing and language coaching to help develop literacy and reading habits in young people.


Script editing and narration to sell the home networking technology of the future that’s already available today.